Monday, October 10, 2005

Yahoo Podcast : Nice interface, but bad crawling !

Nice interface and the possibility to add Tag to podcast is great. But the index has tons of errors in it.
If you look for one of the first Podcaster around here, M-C Turgeon, who produce almost 50 podcasts since the last 9 month, you will get 19 episodes from her but only one is really a Podcast (episode 6), all the other are wrong links to picture files.
If you want to find her Podcastography * you should go to Odeo, where Yahoo should have start is crawling for real Podcast's file !

They should offer the possibility to host the file directly there with a form to populate all the data, -ie- so many different format are possible in podcasting, it will simplify the crawling process and gave more accurate information on each Podcast.

* Seem I'm the first one to use that word ?

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