Saturday, September 10, 2005

Google make fun at Yahoo with Splog

I totally agree with Jim Boykin on the really weird attitude of Yahoo to not better filtering spam blogs (splogs) where the majority of thoses use Google Adsense ads on them. Here what he make me laugh too :
It’s so ironic that Google buys and sells advertising space on the shittiest of pages….and it’s part at the expense of Yahoo because Yahoo doesn’t do a very good job at filtering tons of this regergitated shit... These pages which Google allows adsense on, but won’t allow them into their index?? I can just see the engineers at Google laughing at Yahoo, “Let them find our advertising on your indexed pages of crap! We’ll even pay people to spam your results”.

I guess though that it’s not Google’s fault if Yahoo’s eating these pages up and serving them….after all, Yahoo want the “biggest index” (20 billion pages??) which includes a few billion of adsense spam pages.
Jim just forget the second funiest part of the Google Splog dirty technique. The owners of Splogs have to buy Google Adwords to get traffic to them. On a "deluxe" query like "private jet charter" you get between 25 to 45 Adwords ads when you display 30, 50 or 100 results per page. On thoses ads link, you'll have between at least since a few weeks 80% of splogs, spam sites and fake directories ! Almost all of them even get listed in top ten on their domain name in Google !

May be Yahoo should hire Jean Veronis (auto translate) and implement the Zipf's law (auto translate) to their algo ?

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