Wednesday, August 25, 2004

THe funny little history of Wired/Web Markerting

Homo Erectus: (1980-90)
modemus 300-1,200 baudus

Content (BBS) : games exchange, messagerie rose (adult-oriented chat originated from Minitel) and forum exchange of all kind used by the wired geeks ("early adopter" what not yet the buzz word ;-) who where using BBS

Marketing techniques : Words of mouth, specialized computer magazine ads

Homo Sapiens: (1990-94)
modemus 2400-9600 baudus

Content : Research and studies, games, some university presence, personal diary, some big corporation and again messagerie rose

Marketing techniques :
Words of mouth, campus babillard, computer magazines ads and articles, some media meme and the appering of Excite, Yahoo and WebCrawler

Homo neandertalensis (1995-99)
modemus: 19,200-56,000 baudus

Content : Emerging content from all you can imagine. From casino and porn to guy who put a site on his wall-mart coupon to computer free to navigate the web, with all the stuff we get now. "Free-for-all" period.

Marketing techniques : Altavista, AlltheWeb, Dmoz and Yahoo submissions and good titling, metatag spam, ugly graphics banners and links

Homo sapiens sapiens (2000-2002)
modemus: 56k, 112k hi-band and modem-cable

Content : 404 after the techno-burst-bubble and sites of companies who get realistic business plan. Flash bubble.

Marketing techniques : Titling, contents, links strategy and PPC by Goto and Adwords and the decrease of graphic banner

Homo modernus (2003-2004)
modemus: DSL and Cable (1,5Mb and more)

Content: A lot of good contents and Flash decrease.

Marketing techniques : Contents, contents and content optimization, conversion and usability, heavy PPC campaign, url rewriting, link strategy, blog branding, blog knowledging, semantic and geo-location writing, education, education, education and client formation

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